Sunday, June 16, 2013

Review:The Dirty Streets of Heaven by Tad Williams

For eons there has been a delicate balance between Heaven and Hell with earth providing both a neutral territory and a battleground controlled by strict rules. When someone on earth passes away advocates from both sides are allowed to argue their case as to why the soul in question should be sent to their domain. That is until one soul disappears before either side can make a move, making the possibility of their cold war turning hot a frighteningly real one. Bobby Dollar an advocate for heaven and the first one on the scene finds himself caught in the crossfire, unsure even who on his own side he can trust.

Like a good majority of urban fantasy out there DSOH is told from a first-person perspective. For this to be successful the character in question needs to be entertaining, engaging and keep a delicate balance between capability and vulnerability. With Bobby Dollar Williams hits the nail on the head and his snarky cometary keeps the reader hooked throughout. Jim Butcher fans will see some very real similarities to Harry Dresden but without being too derivative.

The world-building is very interesting and Williams utilizes the fictional city of  San Judas  better than all of the urban fantasy's I've read bar Kate Griffin's London. Pacing is also well controlled throughout.

Overall Tad Williams again demonstrates his versatility in his first foray into urban fantasy. 8.25/10.