Friday, December 16, 2022

Advent Ghosts 2022: Silent Night

 The Tailor smiled at your snowy beard as she sowed buttons onto your crimson coat. You smiled back, a half-conscious response. You knew exactly what she was thinking. ‘He looks just like Santa Claus’.

The store-clerk nodded approvingly as you handed him an oversized sack. The same thoughts were flashing through his brain and it was second nature to encourage them.

The man at the gun shop was different. Didn’t even bother to glance up from his copy of ammunition weekly as he handed you the silencer. You smirked, ‘Silent night’ indeed. At Christmas red was better camouflage than black.

Advent Ghosts 2022: I told you so

 A bill outlawing Christmas presents? You were ecstatic. No more hard-earned money siphoned to corporations.

I wanted to get our son something small anyway. You waved away my concerns, pronounced it was like pulling off a band-aid.

There was that Academic on TV warning about an ancient manuscript and gift-giving keeping evil spirits pacified. As Christmas approached his message never changed but he grew disheveled, desperate to be heeded. You scoffed.

Christmas morning. The bedroom door burst open, revealing the silhouette of our son, blood-stained knife in hand, eyes rolled back in his skull.

‘I told you so’ isn’t enough.