Saturday, July 16, 2016

Review: Calamity by Brandon Sanderson

With Prof having succumbed to his powers and turned evil, David leads the remaining Reckoners in an effort to stop him. David has hopes that Prof will be able to face his fears and come back to himself but not all of the Reckoners are so convinced. Prof heads to Ildithia, formerly Atlanta, and takes over the local epics intent on fulfilling a plan of his own. Through Megan's powers David glimpses a world without Calamity and realizes there may be a way to save their world.

Throughout this series I have had a major issue with David as a protagonist, supposedly driven by vengeance in world fulled with super-powered villains he comes across as a goofball obsessed with bad puns. This series finale was no exception and again this is highly distracting in the beginning but eases off as Sanderson gets distracted by the plot moving forward.

On the plus side I found the plot was cleverly thought out  and the finale was cleverly foreshadowed throughout the series, which reminded me of how well Sanderson finished the first Mistborn series.

Overall Calamity suffers from the same issues of the previous books but on the plus side shows just how well the series was plotted. 6.5/10,