Friday, December 18, 2015

Advent Ghosts 2015: Elf

            Santa called the entire multitude of workers crammed into the workshop ‘elf’ but Elf knew he was being addressed. He hunched his misshapen shoulders as Santa loomed over him examining the Furby he’d been stuffing. After an eternity Santa grunted and thundered on. Elf sighed and rubbed his elongated ears. They’d been normal once but Santa “Claws” had a grip like an enraged crab. Elf dismissed the thought before it drew Santa’s ire. Santa always knew.
“I won’t be naughty again!” A boy screeched as the reindeer herded him inside.

Elf tutted, had he truly resembled this strange creature?


  1. So that's where all the naughty children go. Nice one!

  2. Good and creepy, perfectly sneaky. Very much enjoyed this, thank you!

  3. One of the things I love about this event is how themes sometimes cluster around stories. This is the second Drabble that has Santa stealing children for his elf corps.