Thursday, February 23, 2012

Review:The Solstice Treaty by David Belltower

Mark Steele is a forest ranger in West Virginia. For years he had been plagued by nightly visions that leave him shaken. When his best friend is killed in a tragic mining accident Tess McCoy his childhood sweetheart returns to town for the funeral. Bizarre events start to take over Mark's life and Mark and Tess find themselves transported to a mystical land in the grip of a decade’s long war. A world a group of Japanese businessmen are strangely interested in.

Belltower utilizes an interesting structure relaying events from different time periods as the story slowly unfolds. This worked magnificently well and I enjoyed how he allowed the reader to puzzle along events as they unfolded without giving too much away. It was a delicate balance with keeping the momentum of the story progressing and the author certainly got it right. The view point characters are all well realized, although there were a few support characters who I would have liked to see fleshed out a bit more.

Overall Belltower's interesting structure and memorable characters make for a great read. 8.5/10.

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