Saturday, April 7, 2012

Review: Victor: My Journey by Victor Matfield with De Jongh Borchardt

Autobiography detailing Victor Matfield's rugby career from his days as a schoolboy in Pietersburg to his swansong at the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

First off this book was written as the perfect time, right after the conclusion of Victor's playing career. This ensures that he is old enough to deal with touchy subjects maturely and everything is still fresh in his mind. The writing is clear and concise much like the man himself and gives an overview of his entire playing career. The approach is nicely balanced, for example he may not have got on all that well with Springbok coach Jake White but he respected him for his coaching ability.

Having already read his contemporary John Smit's book it is obvious Victor doesn't go into as much depth in certain areas and he steers well away from the effect of politics on Springbok rugby.

Overall Victor gives a clearly written and interesting look into Springbok rugby and the man himself. 8/10.

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