Friday, December 18, 2020

Advent Ghosts 2020: Christmas Lights

 “Oh, look how pretty the lights are John!” Sarah exclaimed, practically bouncing in her boots.

Seemingly endless rows of fairy lights lit up the house like the constellations on a clear night.

“Can we take a closer look?”

“I don’t see why not?” John shrugged, “That’s what Christmas lights are for right?”

The creature hunched in the shadows as still as the mountains it had outlived, cold eyes intently staring as it’s prey ambled closer. It was a trick almost as old as the creature itself and had served it well in the depths. Food always came to the light.


  1. Christmas lights as protective coloration. I love it. Nice, Craig.

  2. Fantastic! Great description of the creature. Terrific tale!

  3. Nice one :)

    I especially love, 'still as the mountains it had outlived'. Awesome.

  4. And I would easily be its next meal as well. We love looking at lights this time of year! I think we'll do it from a distance from now on, though.

  5. Good one, Craig. I'll never follow the light again.