Monday, December 17, 2012

Review: Brayan's Gold by Peter V. Brett

Arlen Bales is an apprentice Messenger due to go on his first overnight trip with an experienced messenger, Curk. Circumstances force Arlen and Curk instead to be assigned a dangerous shipment of thundersticks to Count Brayan's gold mine. Along the way Arlen gets mixed up in a forbidden love affair, encounters a snow demon and embarks on a risky plan to rid himself of one-arm the furious rock demon who stalks him.

Brett does an excellent job in capturing Arlen's character and motivations in this novella. It certainly stands very well on its own and no prior knowledge of Brett's other work is required, making it a decent entry point into the series. On the downside not a great deal of significance to the plotlines in the series as a whole takes place.

Overall Brayan's Gold with give Brett's usual readers something to tide them over between novels and provides a decent entry point to those wishing to sample his work. 7/10.

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