Friday, December 14, 2012

Review: Perfect Shadow by Brent Weeks

Gaelen Starfire was happy to be a farmer, husband and father. That was until his family was brutally murdered. Now he is one of the most influential men and soldiers in the world. Gwinvere Kirena, a member of the nine, wants to take power from the existing Shinga and control of the criminal underworld. She tasks Gaelen with this task by becoming her very own assassin. In return she offers him the identity of his family's killer. Gaelen is however more than he appears, he is immortal and takes the first steps in becoming the wetboy Durzo Blint.

The problem with second two books in Weeks' Night Angel trilogy were the pacing being completely rushed and the excellent character development of the first book being completely absent. This novella suffers from the exact same problems. There are some interesting ideas being bandied about here, I particularly liked Durzo considering how his different incarnations would have dealt with a problem, but all the scenes are too rushed to allow them to develop. What’s more the constant switching to different scenes and narration styles is forced and often times confusing. I also don't feel that this novella can possibly stand on it’s own and anyone who hasn't read the Night Angel trilogy will be lost for the majority.

Overall this novella suffers from severe pacing issues and very little character development. Anyone who hasn't read the Night Angel trilogy should avoid it. 5/10.


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