Monday, November 11, 2013

Review: The Daylight War by Peter V. Brett

After narrowly defeating a mind demon with the aid of his promised Renna Tanner and getting a glimpse into the demon's mind, Arlen Bales AKA the painted man realizes that the corelings will now make a concerted efforts to destroy the unity that is slowly being brought to mankind. The two head back to Deliverer's Hollow aware that rise of the new moon will bring them a fight unlike any they have ever experienced. Meanwhile Leesha and her company are allowed to return home from their stint as Jardir's guests but that time has left it's mark on them as well.

Like the two previous books in the series this one two focuses on a character's backstory, this time Jardir's first wife Inevera who played a vital role in his rise to power. This does lead into this books biggest problem, very slow pacing. With most of the events in the present forming a calm before the storm backtracking over events already covered from another character's point of view was not the wisest choice.

Character development is well maintained with most of the central characters growing and developing as events of the series begin to effect them. We also get a slightly deeper look into the corelings society which does add to the world already developed.

Overall although suffering from some serious pacing issues Brett is able to develop a solid read if somewhat less than what I expected from the two previous volumes. 7/10

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