Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Review: The Fall of Ventaris by Neil McGarry and Daniel Ravipinto

After gaining membership into the Grey, a secret society of thieves, Duchess decides to continue taking risks. She attempts to set up a business partnership with a talented weaver Jana, who has been unable to gain membership to the weavers' guild due to her race. Gaining Jana membership and securing her trust will be no easy task but Duchess has a plan. Duchess also decides she needs to hire some muscle to watch her back. However she needs someone she can trust yet desperate enough to work for her. She decides to try and free Pollux, a disgraced white who no one quite knows what to do with. If that weren't enough she is contacted by one of the Uncle's henchman about recovering a precious ring that was gambled away.

The various sub-plots were a nice touch that worked really well in keeping the pace moving at a good clip. They provided minor resolutions across the novel and all tied quite nicely into the central plot.

As with the first book the story is very character driven with Duchess firmly in the center. I think a lot of writers lose sight of this and is one of this series greatest strengths. Some very interesting supporting characters were introduced, all very much with agendas of their own.

Again the world-building is strong and unobtrusive.

Overall the second book in this series builds nicely on it's predecessor and goes on to top it. 8.75/10.


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