Saturday, April 22, 2017

Review: The Lost Prince by Edward Lazellari

Thirteen years ago a young Prince from another world was spirited to earth when his medieval style kingdom was invaded. Due to a magical mishap Daniel and his guardians were separated and had their memories stripped away. Daniel ended up in an abusive household that eventually lead to a fatal confrontation with his stepfather that led to Daniel hiding in a trailer park from the police. His guardians have unwittingly found themselves as targets of agents of the invading force that have found their way to earth (although no time has passed in the magical world). After a centaur sorceress restores their memories the guardians find themselves in a race to find the prince. The guardians also have to reconcile their new memories with the lives and families they have built on earth.

The characterization was mixed, particularly among the villains whose leader is very 80's cartoon villain dimensional. Magical explanations aside they also should have had more trouble adjusting and fitting into modern society. Some of the minor villains had more interesting motivations thankfully and I enjoyed the adjustments the guardians had to make to their new memories.

Pacing was uneven due to too many points of view, especially early on, that hurt any momentum that could have developed.

This novel is a mixed bag, a solid concept but not delivered as well as it could have been. 6/10.

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